No kidding...

Daily Mail:

Probe after Judge pulls out a gun in court and tells sex attack VICTIM she's 'killing her case'

 North Georgia judge David Barrett (pictured) stunned a courtroom after he pulled out a gun during a rape case to criticise a witness for not being cooperative. He told the female she was 'killing her case' and that she might as well shoot her lawyer. He pretended to offer her his handgun before the prosecutor told him the gesture was inappropriate.
I have sat on a lot of cases, but never seen anything this spectacular bad.   I do recall a prosecutor telling me a story about one of his murder trials.  He described how the killer had murdered the victim in an upstairs apartment, dragged the body down the steps and threw it in a dumpster.

In his closing argument he was going through the steps again asking "and then what did he do" after each step.  At the last step as he asked the question again one of the jurors jumped up and shouted, "He threw the body in the dumpster."  All he could do at that point was say, "You are right."


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