Bin Laden desecrated copies of Bible

Times of India:
 Slain al-Qaida chief Osama bin Laden kept two copies of the Bible where he wrote secret clues to future terror attacks to be conducted across the globe, according to Pakistani intelligence officials. 

The two copies of the Bible were found hidden at the house in Pakistan's Abbottabad city, close to Islamabad, where the world's most-wanted terrorist was killed by US Navy Seals in May last year, The Sun reported Wednesday.

The Christian holy books were unearthed by demolition crews sent in to raze the mansion to the ground.

Sources told The Sun that several pages of the English editions of the Bible were folded and particular texts marked.

Officials of Pakistani spy agency Inter-Services Intelligence were now examining the books in a bid to find out more.

The report said there could be another theory that bin Laden may have been seeking out Christian texts to justify his actions.

Two concealed radio sets were also discovered at the building. 
Christians should not over react to this news and start throwing tantrums.

While the radios are of possible interest, it is pretty clear that bin Laden did not have time to use them.  They may have been for emergencies where he felt under siege.  Then again they could have been for calling his buddies in the ISI.

The Bibles are a curiosity and I will be interested to hear what passages he was interested in.  The prohibitions against murder were likely of no interest.


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