Timing of Netanyahu's meeting with Obama a problem

When President Obama sits down face-to-face with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu next week to discuss Iran, he will be staring down the greatest challenge on Israel he’s faced during his presidency.
It is the first time Obama has met Netanyahu since last spring, when the Israeli leader appeared to lecture the president on his country’s history in front of cameras at the White House.
Whatever tensions exist could be exacerbated by the looming crisis that provides a backdrop for the election-year meeting.
 Israel believes time is running out for a military strike against Iran that would prevent the Islamic republic from developing nuclear weapons, something Israel sees as an existential threat.
Administration officials acknowledge the Iranian nuclear issue is coming to a head, but U.S. officials have cautioned Israel against a strike that would threaten stability in the Middle East and the global economy. 
It’s possible the Obama-Netanyahu meeting next week could determine both countries’ course of actions for Iran.
I suspect that course has already been put in motion by events in Iran.  What the meeting may portend is that an Israeli strike within a short time following it will be perceived as having been signed off on by Obama.  If Netanyahu waits too long Obama will be seen as the culprit.  He has put himself in a no win situation, unless he gives forceful backing to Israel.


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