Media ignores Obama gaffes

Russ Smith:

A double standard? Nah, just political business as usual.

It’s extraordinarily difficult to be surprised by the mainstream media’s flagrant obeisance to Barack Obama—Jeremiah Wright seems like a decade ago—but I shook my head in disgust earlier this week after the President made an especially arrogant remark during an interview with Today’s Matt Lauer. Obama said, “I deserve a second term but we’re not done.” Apparently the Campaigner-in-Chief is, unlike Mitt Romney or Joe Biden or Newt Gingrich—men who provide a bundle of mirth and derision for political reporters and pundits—constitutionally unable to leave a verbal mess on the floor.

Think about what Obama said: “I deserve a second term.” Americans can, and will, decide whether or not that’s true, but the President’s sense of entitlement certainly rivals that what Romney is accused of every day. Had Obama, mindful of political manners, said, “I believe I’ve earned a second term, but, you know, Matt, that’s a decision voters will make in November,” no one could complain. But “deserve”? Shucks, I could tell family and colleagues that I “deserve” a best-selling book, say, or better eyesight, a Lotto jackpot or a map leading me to the Fountain of Youth. Such brio would be met by laughter, or scorn, and it’d be, well, deserved.

It goes without saying that had George W. Bush told a TV interviewer in 2004 he “deserved a second term” the liberal media would’ve run with that bit for months. Slate’s Jacob Weisberg, who collected “Bushisms” for several books, might feign outrage and then like a squirrel collecting “wingnuts,” happily point out Bush’s goof to his readers.
Perhaps they find his gaffes endearing.  He has made many more much more obvious gaffes that were ignored by the media.  What the GOP should do is make a collection of them and put them in an ad which would showcase Obama's overrated intellect.


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