Perry says Obama surrounded by smart people who lack wisdom

The Hill:


"What's dumb is to oversee an economy that has lost that many millions of jobs," Perry said on conservative pundit Sean Hannity's radio show, in an apparent reference to an article this week that asked, "Is Rick Perry dumb?"

Policies from Obama that have driven the increased spending and the downgraded U.S. credit rating are what's dumb, Perry said.

He accused the president, who formerly lectured at the University of Chicago law school, of relying too much on the counsel of academics.

"They are intellectually very, very smart. But he does not have wise men and women around him," Perry said. "He has listened to all the academics around him, plenty of smart people, but nobody who has wisdom."

Perry has a knack for turning attacks on their head and he does so here. Politico wrote the article questioning his intellect as a way of helping the Obama team. It is not looking so smart right now.


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