Al Qaeda related group tied to attack on UN in Nigeria


Nigeria's capital was on high alert on Friday after an apparent suicide attack on the United Nations headquarters in Abuja stoked fears that Islamist militants were setting their sights on high-profile targets in Africa's most populous country.

The car bomb – the first attack on the UN in Nigeria – ripped through the heavily fortified UN building, killing at least 18 people. Describing those who carried out the apparent suicide bombing as "barbaric", President Goodluck Jonathan ordered all relevant government agencies to help in the search and rescue effort.

"The president believes that the attack is a most despicable assault on the United Nations' objectives of global peace and security, and the sanctity of human life to which Nigeria wholly subscribes," the president's office said in a statement.

The UN secretary general, Ban Ki-moon, who asked his deputy, Asha-Rose Migiro, to go to Nigeria immediately, said: "This was an assault on those who devote their lives to helping others. We condemn this terrible act, utterly."

The Islamist group Boko Haram told the BBC in a phone call that it had carried out the attack. If the claim turns out to be genuine, the attack would confirm American fears that al-Qaida-affiliated groups are targeting the important west African state.

Witnesses said a car rammed through two separate gates at the UN compound as guards tried to stop it. The suicide bomber drove up to the main reception area before blowing himself up.

It sounds like a confession of guilt by the Islamic religious bigots who have been a plague coming from northern Nigeria. It still will take a world wide effort to destroy this movement.


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