Perry leads among Tea Party voters

Houston Chronicle:

Rick Perry is trouncing his Republican presidential rivals in the battle for the all-important Tea Party constituency, a series of new polls find.

A new Gallup Poll shows that the Texas governor has the backing of 35 percent of Republican primary voters who identify with the Tea Party movement — nearly three times the support garnered by any other candidate. Perry rivals Mitt Romney and Michele Bachmann are tied at 14 percent of Tea Party backing, followed by Texas Rep. Ron Paul at 12 percent, the survey finds.

This is particularly significant because Gallup found that 58 percent of likely GOP primary voters consider themselves Tea Party supporters.

Romney has a slight lead among non Tea Party voters. I think the pollis significant because Tea Party voters are unlikely to be swayed by those they do not trust which includes much of the main stream media. It probably explains why none of the daily hit jobs on Gov. Perry have gained any traction with those polled.


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