Good news for Republicans

Caucus Blog NY Times:

Obama Sets Jobs Speech That Collides With G.O.P. Debate

Since every times he gives a speech his numbers go down, this will probably benefit the GOP candidates more than the debate will.  I suspect if the GOP went with its debate at its scheduled time it would probably get more viewers as people tuned out the Obama attempt to spend his way out of the recession.

I think his intention with his schedule is to mess with the Republicans.  I think their best bet is to ignore him.  The real problem for the GOP is that its debate is on MSNBC.  Since very few people actually watch their programming they have had a smaller audience before Obama elevated their debate by creating a conflict.

At this point it is not clear to me that the Republican House will go along with his play.  They could tell him to do it a day earlier, which would be interesting.


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