Perry fund raising in the Golden State

San Francisco Chronicle:

Texas Gov. Rick Perry better junk those cowboy boots and don running shoes when he hits California next month for the first time as a GOP presidential candidate.

In the 48 hours after the Sept. 7 Reagan Library debate, he'll be going non-stop for two days, picking up cash every step of the way across the Golden State.

His two-day fundraising schedule in California, as published by, doesn't give him a lot of time to down much of that rubber chicken on the circuit. Perry will be hobnobbing with a crowd of big donors and big pols -- backers who include former state party chair Shawn Steel and his wife, Board of Equalization member Michele Park Steel;San Diego Chargers owner Dean Spanos, former CA Assemblyman Mike Villines, and Gregory Slayton, a former Silicon Valley insider and big GOP fundraiser who was appointed Consul General to Bermuda by President George W. Bush.

The story gives the specifics on what it will cost for each event and photo op. It looks like an efficient use of the governor's schedule and trip to California for the debate. He has some catching up to do on fund raising.


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