The GOP House jobs agenda

Susan Ferrechio:


... Obama is all but certain to oppose the Republican plan, which includes a massive tax cut and an attempt to roll back some of the key environmental regulations his administration put in place to reduce so-called greenhouse gas emissions.


Cantor on Monday outlined a series of bills the House will take up in September, including the repeal of regulations Republicans deem burdensome to businesses. Key among those are new standards and rules about to be implemented by the Environmental Protection Agency that are aimed at curbing pollution from power plants, farms and industry.

The Republican agenda will also take aim at the National Labor Relations Board with legislation that responds to the NLRB's recent decision to try to block Boeing from moving aircraft production to a new plant in South Carolina. The proposed bill, "Protecting Jobs From Government Interference Act," would prohibit the NLRB from restricting where a company can move production, Cantor said in the memo.

The GOP agenda will also include a huge tax break for small businesses that would allow them to take a tax deduction equal to 20 percent of their income. Cantor said this tax cut would "free up funds for small-business people to retain and hire new employees, and reinvest in and grow their businesses."

Republicans say they want more robust tax breaks than the payroll tax cut that Obama will likely include in his jobs plan.

Democrats have no interest in the kind of jobs that would be created by the GOP bill. The Democrats will probably go with a control freak agenda that punishes the private sector and is aimed at public sector related jobs.


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