Perry has 20 point lead in South Carolina

Houston Chronicle:

A new poll released by Public Policy Polling on Tuesday shows Texas Gov. Rick Perry taking a commanding lead in South Carolina, further cementing his status as the new front-runner in the Republican battle to challenge President Barack Obama in the fall.

The survey of 750 South Carolina Republicans who usually vote in the primary puts Perry out in front with 36 percent of the vote. Mitt Romney is a distant second, attracting 16 percent of the vote, and Michele Bachmann is supported by about 13 percent of the sample. The race in South Carolina wouldn’t dramatically change if Sarah Palin jumped into the Republican presidential race: Perry would still be backed by 36 percent of primary voters.

I am not surprised. I think he is in tune with South Carolina voters.

PPP is a Democrat polling firm.Perry gets his strongest support from the most conservative voters. The poll also found that voters tended to agree with Perry on issues that the media found "controversial" such as global warming and evolution.


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