Democrats still playing defense with health care monstrosity

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Caucus Blog, NY Times:

Democratic leaders in Washington plan to spend the next week doing what they all but refused to do during the 2010 midterm elections: mount a vigorous defense of President Obama’s health care legislation.

The “all fronts” plan is a response to the decision by the new House speaker, John A. Boehner, to schedule a vote next Wednesday on a complete repeal of the health care law that Mr. Obama signed last March.

Senior Democratic officials said their effort will be managed by a rapid response operation modeled after the ones Mr. Obama used during his presidential campaign. That team will monitor Republican claims, send out fact-checks and deploy a team of surrogates to get their views on television.

Paid television advertisements will be run “as warrants,” said one senior Democrat, who asked not to be named because he was not authorized to speak publicly about the program. Organizing for America, the president’s chief political apparatus, will host phone banks and will schedule events featuring people who would lose their benefits if the health care law were repealed.

They will be reminding voters why they voted against Democrats this fall. The anger over passing the health care law has not subsided with the election. Polls show up to 60 percent of voters want an outright repeal. Democrat resistance to the repeal may help them with their base, but it will hurt them with independents who deserted them in droves in 2010. It will also give Republicans another opportunity to remind voters of just how out of touch Democrats are.

For that reason, I am not disappointed in their efforts. When your opponent is screwing up like this, you should take advantage of the opportunity.
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