Assange does not care if Taliban murder those who help US

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Daily Mail:

Julian Assange said U.S. informants named in secret cables 'deserved' to be killed and initially refused to redact their names, a new book has revealed.

WikiLeaks published thousands of names of Afghans in 77,000 classified war files put on the whistle-blowing website, attracting criticism from international charities and governments.

In later releases of secret U.S. embassy cables in November around 15 per cent of files were withheld to protect lives and every file was checked before release.

Amnesty International said in a letter to WikiLeaks last year that all names in Afghan war logs should be redacted.

'We have seen the negative, sometimes deadly ramifications for those Afghans identified as working for or sympathizing with international forces,' it said.

Assange's apparent gung-ho attitude in an early meeting to naming to naming U.S. informants stunned his media collaborators, the new book claimed.

The title said he told international reporters: 'Well, they're informants so, if they get killed, they've got it coming to them. They deserve it.' The book continues: 'There was, for a moment, silence around the table.'

The allegations were made in a new book published today by the Guardian timed to coincide with another title released by the New York Times.

It also reveals that Assange was so worried that he was being followed by U.S. intelligence services that he disguised himself as a woman, it has been revealed.

He is not an attractive guy and would be even less attractive as a woman. Perhaps that is the point of his cross dressing, but it seems a little cowardly for a guy who does not care about informers being exposed is so scared of himself being spotted.

I have a minimum regard for his character. I hope that he will soon not only be tried for the sexual assault charges he faces in Sweden, but also for violations of US law which I think really frightens him.
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