Big Labor's big payback for supporting Democrats

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Mark Mix, Examiner:

Big Labor spent a record-breaking billion dollars during the 2008 election cycle and then spent hundreds of millions more in 2010, nearly all of which went to elect and protect Democratic politicians. But what does Big Labor get in return?

For starters, union bosses enjoy government-granted monopoly bargaining privileges to demand employees pay union dues or fees as a condition of employment, even if they want nothing to do with the union. But if that wasn't enough, union chiefs are still pushing for ways to expand their forced-dues powers.

And Big Labor's bought-and-paid-for partisans are happy to pull the levers of the government leviathan to pay back their Big Labor masters with even more special privileges to compel workers to pay forced union dues, and even grant union bosses the power to control entire sectors of our economy.

For example, President Obama appointed pro-forced unionism Rep. Hilda Solis, D-Calif., to head the Department of Labor. Solis' reign at DOL includes the rolling back of union boss disclosure, covering up union brass corruption, and encouraging federal agencies to discriminate against nonunion workers and employers by adopting so-called Project Labor Agreements on federal construction projects -- turning the DOL into an aggressive, taxpayer-funded union organizing outfit and inflating the costs of government services and infrastructure.

Obama also appointed former top Service Employees International Union lawyer Craig Becker to the National Labor Relations Board during a congressional recess. Becker's desire to expand Big Labor's already-extensive special privileges is troubling.

And Becker and other pro-forced unionism partisans on the NLRB are currently stripping away any protections workers have left against card check forced unionism -- something even Congress could not do with large pro-forced unionism majorities in both chambers.

There is more.

Greedy union thugs are out to monopolize as much of the labor markets as they can get their hands on. But the time for big labor has passed and they did little besides suck up union dues these days. There is a much more competitive market for labor, especially in the private sector. The days of Big Labor should be phased out. Their control of the Democrat party should no longer be taken as a given.
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