GOP pushes for work place immigration raids

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LA Times:

Deportations of illegal immigrants have reached new heights for two years running under President Obama, statistics show, but Republicans say they'll use their new majority in the House to press for more aggressive enforcement without any path to legal status.

Republican lawmakers called on the Obama administration to return to the era of workplace raids to arrest illegal employees, an approach that contrasts sharply with the president's continued push to create a path to citizenship for "responsible young people" and deport only those illegal immigrants charged with serious crimes.

Deportations under Obama have reached new heights for two years running, statistics show, but Republicans said they would use their new majority in the House to press for more aggressive enforcement without any path to legal status.

Large-scale workplace arrests of illegal workers were hallmarks of the George W. Bush administration's approach in its final years. But two years ago Obama decided to shift enforcement efforts to focus on employers who knowingly hire illegal workers.

Arrests from worksite raids for immigration-related offenses, such as using a forged driver's license or a fake Social Security number, have dropped by 70% since the end of the Bush administration, when a series of large raids of factories and meatpacking plants received national media attention.

Democrats will probably try to thwart the enforcement of immigration laws in the work place as they have since Obama took office. This is a mistake. Work place enforcement causes self deportations which are a benefit to the country and to the illegals who do not have to go through the formal deportation process. This is also what voters want and it will be a liability to Democrats that they have not enforced the rule of law.

Their deportation of criminal aliens may be beneficial for some countries, but for Mexico they probably exacerbate the problem by feeding recruits to the criminal insurgency. They need to rethink this program, at least with respect to Mexico.
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