Egyptian army not turning its guns on people--yet

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Washington Post:

The Egyptian military moved on multiple fronts Sunday to display its strength and consolidate support as factions within the government and on the street vied for control of this strategically vital nation at the heart of the Arab world.

With pro-democracy demonstrators demanding the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak for a sixth day, the military sent conflicting signals about where its loyalties lie. On the streets, soldiers curried favor with demonstrators. But F-16 fighter jets streaked through the sky, and in images on state-run television, the nation's military brass appeared alongside the embattled president.

All across Egypt, troops in tanks fanned out to work with residents in chasing down marauding bands of knife-wielding thugs and to impose some semblance of order after the nearly complete disappearance of uniformed Egyptian police.

Egyptians of all political persuasions accused the much-maligned police of being behind a campaign to terrorize the country - either by perpetrating the violence themselves, or by standing aside and allowing it to occur.

As hatred toward the police grew, so did admiration for the army - which may be the intent of Egypt's security establishment as it struggles to find a way out of the crisis. The apparently contradictory signals from the army suggested that the question of who will rule Egypt remains very much in doubt nearly a week after protesters turned this country's political universe upside down with a mass mobilization that appears to be only growing stronger.

Various factions are looking to take advantage of the general uprising. The most dangerous faction is the Muslim Brotherhood who run a deceptive campaign of peacefulness in English and say something very different in Arabic. The outward manifestation of this group is the Hamas death cult in Gaza. They were originally part of the Muslim Brotherhood and they are now joining forces with them to try to take over in Egypt. If they do, we will not have seen the beginning of the blood that will be shed in Egypt.  They present a pretense of a freedom agenda, but anyone living under Hamas would question that description.  In the US they tried infiltrating through the Holy Land Foundation which was sending money to Hamas in the guise of a charity.
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