Unfair attacks on Justice Thomas

Because he is black, Justice Clarence Thomas has had more unfair and racist attacks on his opinions than anyone in modern times.

"...I wonder how far these critics would take their criticism. In the 1970s, the Supreme Court held that sex discrimination was unconstitutional. The justices who voted for this position had spent their lives in a nation in which women were largely excluded from the legal profession. Those men may well have benefited from this exclusion — when half the population is out of the competition, the competition is easier. Maybe if men hadn’t gotten preferences, some of those justices wouldn’t have made it onto the high court."

Actually the same could be said for the Brown v. Board of Education opinion. Justice Hugo Black was from Alabama and got the advantages of a segregated education. Segregation no doubt enhanced his political career prior to his appointment. The "ingratitude" argument is just another racist attack on Justice Thomas by liberals who think he is "uppity" for not appreciating what they want to do for black people.


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