Mark Steyn takes on language abuse at the Supreme Court

"The correct term is ''racial quotas,'' but that's too bald, too clear. So its proponents came up with the coy evasion of 'affirmative action.' But over the years that also became tarnished. Hence the invention of 'diversity.' Who could be against 'diversity'? Who wouldn't want to celebrate it? It's the perfect enlightened vapidity."

''...'Diversity' doesn't extend to, say, some dirtpoor piece of fundamentalist white trash. Her presence wouldn't 'enrich' anyone. 'Diversity' means 'more blacks.' That's why traditional African-American colleges are exempt from its strictures: As 100 percent black schools, they're already as diverse as you can get...."

"...American liberals have had great success inventing evasive language to advance their agenda, ever since 'abortion' became 'choice.' Only the other week, with the cooperation of foolish, short-sighted Republicans, 'welfare' morphed into 'tax credit.'''

"...Lester Maddox, Georgia's last segregationist governor and a white restaurateur who closed his business rather than be forced to serve blacks, died last week, and neither ABC, CBS nor NBC could bring themselves to tell viewers that this man was (gasp!) a Democrat. Imagine that: a racist Democrat."


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