Gilligan's island

BBC defense correspondent Andrew Gilligan has accused the British government of "sexing up its dossier on Iraq WMD. His specific allegation are that a report that Iraq could activate its WMD in 45 minutes was added late in the drafting process.

The report makes the false presumption that since Saddam was not able to launch his WMD this report was on his time to launch was wrong. There is no disputing the fact that the government had received a report that was the basis of the claim.

It is not clear whether Gilligan or his snitch is the source of the term "sexed up." Whoever the source, the implication is that it was added to make the dossier more seductive. A more fair presentation of the facts would be that the report was added to make the dossier more persuasive. By using "sexed up" Gilligan or his source is implying that the government was trying to get in the public's knickers rather than persuade them to support the governments policy.

Gilligan is apparently the BBC reporter who while in Bagdadh as the US forces were sweeping into the city gave the BBC a report that the part of the elephant he was looking at had no Americans in it. He went on to imply that the US made it a practice to issue misleading reports about its success in the war. History has not been kind to Gilligan's versions of the facts in Bagdadh. If the BBC had turned on their Fox News feed they could have seen a report by imbedded reporter Greg Kelly and the US 3 rd ID made its first run through the city.

After the war, BBC management came to Gilligan's defense stating that his report was accurate, but not acknowledging that it was highly misleading. They have come to Mr. Gilligan's defense in his latest row with the governement. It appears that Gilligan is a reporter with an agenda, who attempts to put facts in a perspective consistant with his agenda. But, the BBC seems to have several reporters with agenda's these days.

The BBC is having trouble coming to grips with the fact that though many of its people opposed the liberation of Iraq, the country was liberated and the Iraqis are much happier about that fact than the BBC is.


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