President Bush "professional fascist

A "weather report in New Zealand contained a "human error."

"A graphic on an evening news broadcast identifying President Bush as a "professional fascist" has touched off confusion, apologies and an investigation.

"The estimated 360,000 viewers of New Zealand's TV3 news program last night were "surprised and confused" by the graphic, which was supposed to promote an upcoming weather report, the New Zealand Herald said.

"TV3 issued an apology for 'a completely unintentional mistake' and said it is conducting a thorough probe into the matter.

"'It was an absolute case of human error,' said spokesman Roger Beaumont, according to the Herald. 'The fact that it made it to air was extremely unfortunate and we apologize for any offence that may have been taken.'"

Let's see, a weather report graphic says President Bush is a "professional fascist." Yeah, that sounds like a mistake. Not.

Who are these guys trying to kid. There is obviously someone on the staff of this station that is laboring under the wrong impression of the President of the US. They felt so strongly about this wrong assumption that they broadast it to their audience.

New Zealand, like Canada, is suffering from too much socialism. It is a disease that infects public dialog. It has made New Zealand, like Canada, and much of Europe weaker. It has also made these people wrong about the President of the US.


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