Kristof prefers Iraqi spin

Kristof has joined the Pfc.Lynching.

"...I did find something related, here in the city where it seems (contrary to early Pentagon leaks) that Pfc. Jessica Lynch did not mow down Iraqis until her ammo ran out, was not shot and apparently was not plucked from behind enemy lines by U.S. commandos braving a firefight. It looks as if the first accounts of the rescue were embellished, like the imminent threat from W.M.D., and like wartime pronouncements about an uprising in Basra and imminent defections of generals. There's a pattern: we were misled."

Actually Central Command did not say any of those things. Most of the "embellishments" were the results of intercepts of Iraqi communications, that were then reported by the Washington Post. Kristof's problem is that he would rather believe Iraqi doctors who have an incentive to lie, than believe the US military who did not lie.


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