Bore TV

Al Gore thinks there is not enough liberal media, so he has been talking with liberals in Hollywood about starting an liberal cable news channel. I gues it will be in direct competition with CNN which has owned the liberal cable network slot.

"...But there seems to be a feeling on the left that all it takes is some major bucks and the right liberal loudmouths to put together a successful network that would be the antithesis of Fox. This ignores some of the past failures -- from Mario Cuomo on radio to Phil Donahue on MSNBC -- that haunt the graveyard of liberal media ventures.

"One reason such efforts have fizzled is that too many liberals tend to be of the dull and earnest variety. Talking about eight-point plans to revive the economy or protect the environment doesn't quite have the entertainment pizzazz of Rush/O'Reilly/Hannity spouting off against big government and low morality. That's also why a spate of in-your-face conservative books have hit the best-seller lists.

"More important, perhaps, is that there's a built-in conservative audience that feels alienated from what it views as the liberal media establishment of ABC-CBS-NBC-New York Times-Washington Post-CNN etc. They hungered for the alternative delivery system that talk radio and Fox provide. There may not be a comparable left-leaning audience that is deeply dissatisfied with the mainstream press. If there was, more liberal radio hosts would undoubtedly be thriving."


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