Is anyone fooled by claims that the media aren't liberal?

Jonah Goldberg takes on the attempt by liberals to claim "what liberal media."

"You see, large chunks of "What Liberal Media?" are simply prose versions of those spider-webby diagrams purporting to expose a vast right-wing conspiracy. So-and-so gave money to think tank A, which gave a job to writer B, who penned an article for magazine C, which once got a grant from foundation D, blah, blah, blah. You can almost imagine, in Mr. Alterman's mind's eye, a retromingent slug leaving a trail linking each nefarious conservative outlet and scalawag. Wherever the creature goes and whatever it touches becomes automatically tainted, somehow less than honest.

"According to Mr. Alterman's massive guilt-by-association charge, no American conservative could write fairly about his book--or much of anything else. Because we're all guilty of . . . well, of actually believing what we say and doing something about it."

"...I realize the market doesn't mean much to these guys, but it needs to be said: Nothing is stopping Americans from buying what Mr. Alterman and his crowd are selling. Nothing except the good judgment of the American public."

It is the good judgment of the American people that has these guys really flumoxed. While they claim their message is not getting out, what is really happening is that it is getting out and is being rejected. It is being rejected because it does not stand up to the criticism of conservatives who do have a voice now.


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