Barking mad at Thomas

The left does not get it on affirmative action and its latest reason for being--diversity. Earlier in the week Maureen Dowd called Justice Clarence Thomas, a black man, "barking mad" because he was ungrateful for what affirmative action had achieved for him.

In todays paper Bill Kellor calls Clarence Thomas "Mr. Diversity."

"Clearly Justice Thomas would be mortified to have himself held up as evidence in the case for diversity, but in a slightly off-kilter way he is exactly that." In fact Justice Thomas in his opinion discussed how every black who achieves anything is stigmatized by affirmative action, because people think his success was achieved because he got favorable preferences instead of on his own merit.

Kellor did have an interesting quote from a liberal opponent of "diversity."

"...The astute court-watcher Dahlia Lithwick, writing in Slate, ridiculed the notion that campuses should be designed so that white students can be enriched by a rainbow environment: "Schools are not petting zoos — we don't fill them with lots of varied and interesting creatures merely as an end in itself." These are not right-wing misgivings."

But Kellor finishes by saying Justice Thomas was appointed because he was black. The stigma continues, for one of the best minds on the court.


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