Pryor not hesitant about prior remarks

"The attorney general of Alabama, William Pryor, is the most refreshing thing to happen to Washington since William Faulkner said the reason he wouldn't be going to President Kennedy's Nobel prize-winner party at the White House was that Washington was a long way to go for dinner...."

"Mr. Pryor, you once said that you thought the Supreme Court's decision in Roe v. Wade was 'the worst abomination of constitutional law in our history.' Do you still think that?"

"Oh yes," said Pryor.

When asked whether he thought that that decision had had moral consequences, he said, oh yes. He explained: "It has led to the slaughter of millions of innocent unborn children."

The liberals were gasping for their breath while thanking him for his candor. They will oppose him because they do not like his beliefs. It is not enough that his record shows he will uphold the law whether he likes it or not.


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