The Anglo-American heritage debate

Washington Post:
The danger of the liberal Trump outrage machine

The overreaction to Jeff Sessions's “Anglo-American heritage” comment plays right into the president's hands.
This is more evidence of the failure of the education system to teach what made America great, to begin with.  The English legal system had a lot to do with it.

How was little England able to turn massive India into one of its colonies?  It was not by force of arms.  The English started with a small base where they imposed the rule of law.  Indians noticed that deals could be enforced and flocked to the base to do commerce.  It spread pretty quickly because people wanted to be able to hold others to their word in business transactions. 

That was also one of the reasons that people flocked to America.  That liberals do not understand the importance of Anglo-American heritage shows just how multiculturalism has made them ignorant of factors beyond "diversity" that have made this a great country.


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