Why didn't Post writer ask Holder about his policy that led to shooter being left off list that would have stopped his gun purchase?

Washington Post:
Eric Holder discusses Mueller probe, criminal justice with Jonathan Capehart

Former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder sits down for a wide-ranging interview with the Pulitzer Prize-winning opinion writer and host of the “Cape Up” podcast.
We now know that Obama and Holder policies that kept law enforcement from charging juveniles from being charged with serious crime led directly to the Broward shooter being able to buy a gun that he otherwise would have been blocked from acquiring.   Why not ask him about blood on their hands?  Their policies were far more responsible than those of the NRA.

Also, why not ask him about his own scandals such as Fast and Furious and his obstruction of justice in dealing with the IRS abuses?  Are liberals blind to teh abuses of Holder and Obama?


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