Washington Post publishes a demonstrably false analysis of what drives some Muslims to terrorism

Washington Post:
Why Trump’s speech on terrorism was such a missed opportunity

The president focuses on radical Islam, but he misses what actually drives people to terrorism. Studies suggest that socioeconomic factors lay the groundwork for violence.
It is surprising that after all this time of warfare with radical Islam there are some who still think it is a socioeconomic problem.  This is despite the fact that Osama bin Laden was wealthy and his co-leader, Zawahiri was a trained doctor.  Many of the 9-11 hijackers were educated and far from poor.

It also ignores the fact that groups like ISIS and al Qaeda rely on the religious texts of Islam as a basis for their recruitment and not on some aspirations of earthly wealth.

At most they promise young men sex either from captured slaves or from being killed and getting it as a reward for being a "martyr."

Many of these terrorists leave good jobs to engage in mass murder for Allah attacks.


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