British intelligence was warned about the human bomber in Manchester

The Times:
A relative of the Manchester bomber warned the British authorities that he was “dangerous”, it emerged yesterday, amid concerns that chances to stop him were missed.

Salman Abedi’s support for terrorism was reported this year to the security services, and friends had called Britain’s anti-terrorist hotline five years ago with concerns about his views, it was claimed. He was reported for violent statements, including a claim that being a suicide bomber was “OK”.

Intelligence sources have emphasised how difficult it is to assess suspects on the periphery of investigations. Against a backdrop of limited resources, security agencies and police have been deluged with the number of terror suspects and acquaintances they must triage.
While several family members have also been arrested, apparently the mass murderers mother warned authorities that the young man was dangerous.  Unfortunately, I suspect that British authorities are overwhelmed with such warnings and political correctness hampers them from taking effective action to stop such attacks.   The European Union also makes it almost impossible to deport terrorist suspects.


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