The Saudi arms sale is bad news for Russia, Iran, and Democrats

Roger L. Simon:
Nothing could be worse for Russia. Indeed it's disastrous for them, but you won't hear word one to that effect from the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, etc. They have bet their diminishing houses that Trump or one or two of his people said something equivocal on a phone call to a Russky or got paid too much for a speech. In their unresolved anger cum geriatric liberal orthodoxy, they live in an alternative universe divorced from reality.

Why? It should be obvious but I'll state it anyway. Not very long ago Ronald Reagan built up U.S. armaments not to go to war with the Soviet Union, but to bankrupt it out of existence. It worked. The same thing is going on here, as anyone with the proverbial pulse should notice. Selling three hundred and fifty billion in advanced weaponry to Saudi Arabia is not just aimed at the obvious target -- Iran. It is also aimed at Iran's big brother Russia. And there is no way that relatively impoverished oligarchy can possibly keep up, not in the long run anyway. They don't have the rubles.

Trump is an enemy of Russia in a way that Obama and Clinton never dreamed of being. He has also countered the Iran deal and its unconscionable financial bailout to the mullahs that has enabled them to support -- via cash, arms or their own troops -- Hezbollah, Hamas, the Houthis in Yemen, Assad, and who knows who else.
There is much more.

This deal not only puts financial pressure on US adversaries, but it also strengthens the US economy.  This is a win for the US despite the best efforts of Democrats to oppose the President at every turn.  What we are finding is that where Trump has room to maneuver such as foreign policy he is running circles around the Democrat order.


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