Texas congressman's call for impeachment gets hostile reception from some

Washington Post:
A black congressman called for Trump’s impeachment. Lynching threats followed, he said.

Rep. Al Green, a seven-term Democrat from Texas, played recordings of the two voice mails, which appear to have come from male callers, during a town hall meeting in Houston on Saturday.
Physical violence against Green is uncalled for and is totally unnecessary.  At this point, neither Green or any other Democrat has any evidence of a crime on which to base an impeachment and they will continue to embarrass themselves if they make such absurd calls.  Let him have his say and then refute it with the facts.

I think Green is among those Democrats who are reacting emotionally to Trump's victory and probably many of his constituents are too.  It is too bad he is not emotionally mature enough to explain the problem with their feelings.

BTW, do not act like the Democrats who are actually physically attacking some Republicans.  Politics should be civilized and resorts to violence like those some Democrats have done are more the ethos of third world countries.  It is too bad the mainstream media has not spoken out more against the actual violence perpetrated by Democrats.


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