The fix was in at the Obama DOJ?

Trey Gowdy: There Was Collusion Between The Justice Department And The Clinton Campaign (VIDEO)

Gowdy is overly kind to Comey in his interview about his reasoning. I’ve puzzled through this and I still can’t understand why Comey did not move to indict Clinton or resign in protest (this is why I don’t believe his whole “Mr. Ethics” schtick) and I can’t imagine how his statement worked better than dumping the investigation on Loretta Lynch and then leaking like a sieve, which is how he’s been operating for the past seven months.

Be that as it may, Gowdy’s statement meshes very neatly with a statement made by Lindsey Graham earlier in the week.
I think that if Comey was as high-minded as he presents himself he would have resigned if the DOJ refused to indict Clinton for what looks like obvious crimes deliberately done.


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