This appears to be the sum total of Russian 'interference' in 2016 election

What has been talked about the most are the schemes to reveal internal emails of the DNC and John Podesta which showed how the Democrat primary had been rigged for Hillary Clinton.  Lately another element has been added.

The Comey press conference announcing that he would not seek an indictment for Hillary Clinton's violation of the law regarding her home brew server and her mishandling of classified material was apparently triggered by a Russian disinformation campaign tied to Bill Clinton's meeting with AG Lynch on her airplane.

The latest reports indicate that Comey knew the Russian material was false but did not know how to discredit it without burning sources so the news conference announcing his decision was an attempt to discredit the Russian scam.

If this story is true, it appears the Russians in all three instances took advantage of Democrat miscues.  The emails were not disinformation.  They were what the Democrats were actually saying to each other.  Bill Clinton's tarmac meeting with Loretta Lynch was another self-inflicted wound.

That appears to be the sum total of the Russian "interference."  That is it.  There is no evidence that ties the Trump campaign to any of it, despite the Democrats' wish casting about it.  This entire "collusion" narrative is based on no evidence whatsoever.

The recent investigation that Kushner requested a back channel to Moscow appears to be a repeat of a similar arrangement that Henry Kissinger had with the Soviet Union.  It also looks like another nothing burger.

If there was really a clandestine scheme would the Russian ambassador send the request on a line he knew the NSA was reading?  Wouldn't he have sent the message by courier?

The Democrats appear desperate to explain their losses on anything but their own failures.  Now they seem to be desperately in search fo a process crime with bogus claims of obstruction of justice.  That is pretty rich when you consider that the former head of the DNC is trying to suppress evidence that Democrats allowed Muslim IT people they hired for their congressional political operations to gain full access to their computers.  That is a story that most of the mainstream media is desperately trying to avoid


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