Israeli technology can make US tanks less vulnerable to new missile threats
Is Now the Time to Arm US Tanks with Israeli Anti-Missile Tech?

For the past few months, Army leaders have been openly touting the service's accelerated effort to arm the M1 Abrams tank and other key platforms with APS technology to counter the proliferation of anti-tank guided missiles (ATGM) and Russia's aggressive modernization of its armored fleet.

The accelerated APS effort, and the larger, long-term strategy to develop the Modular Active Protection System for the Army's entire combat-vehicle is a new path for a service that's been reluctant to commit to this type of sophisticated protection system in existence for more than two decades.
Israeli Merkava MK IV tanks equipped with Trophy APS withstood multiple anti-tank missile attacks from Hamas fighters in July 2014 during Operation Protective Edge in the Gaza Strip.
"In my battalion, we had one tank that was hit by an AT system throughout the operation because they turned the Trophy off; they were just parking the tank and that was the only tank that was hit by a missile," he said.
The system allows the tank commanders to be much more aggressive and not have to take defensive actions.  It is a system that can change the dynamic in a tank battle with forces that fire heavy weapons at them.  Perhaps President Trump can discuss this weapon system with the Israelis on his visit.


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