How Bill and Hillary Clinton monetized the Secretary of State's office

Daily Caller:
EXCLUSIVE: Hillary Aide Cheryl Mills OK’d Oil Deal That Put $500K In Bill’s Pocket
That was just one of the deals that enriched Clinton.
Bill further earned $15 million in a hedge fund deal with business partner Sheikh Mohammed bin-Rashid al-Marktoum, the UAE’s authoritarian ruler. He collected an additional $5.6 million to serve as “honorary chairman” of a Dubai-based for-profit network of Islamic K-12 schools throughout the world. The curriculum featured in those schools includes instruction on Sharia Law, which is at the heart of Islamic terrorist ideologies behind groups like Islamic State. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: Bill Clinton Got Millions From World’s Biggest Sharia Law Education Firm)

Bill collected another $1 million for two speeches he delivered in Abu Dhabi that were paid for by the royal government while Hillary was secretary of state.

Clinton spoke in the country while the State Department and the Department of Homeland Security were deliberating on opening a U.S. facility there to ease entering the country for U.S. travelers. The State Department overruled opposition from unions to support the facility.
There is much more.

I think it is doubtful that any of this money would have been paid to Clinton without the connection to the Secretary of State's office.


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