Why many Cruz supporters are not accepting Trump

I'm not going to vote for DJT for one big reason -- if he wins, he will spend the next 4 years trying to crush Ted Cruz and Conservatism in general, using his "Alt-Right" foot soldiers. As others have pointed out, if Hillary wins, Conservatism can at least survive while working in opposition to her. Under DJT, it will be eliminated from the public discourse completely. The Alt-Right is Socially Liberal. It is not "true" Conservatism. If you wanted to know the reason why some Cruz fans are keeping the home fires burning on social media, that's why.
Either of these candidates winning the election is a Win/Win scenario for the Left. If DJT wins the election, the Left will spend the next 4 years working in opposition to DJT, gaining the vaunted "moral high ground," while we religious conservatives get shoved into the dungeon by both parties. This is not just about crushing Cruz and his message, it's about killing Conservatism. Conservatives, the GOP is no longer your friend.
The continued obsession with Cruz on the part of the Trump supporters  is another reason many conservatives are reluctant to support Trump.  They are truly sore winners in this year's contest.


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