Kurds continue move toward Mosul despite Iraqi objections

The Kurdish government is rejecting calls from the Iraqi government for the Peshmerga to stop advancing towards the city of Mosul in the battle against the Islamic State.

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi urged the Peshmerga to stop its advancement in the Nineveh province amid accusations the Kurdish forces are attempting to seize land under the pretext of defeating the Islamic State with the goal of later declaring independence.

"The Peshmerga should stay where they are now, and they should not expand their presence even if they help the Iraqi Army," Abadi said Wednesday.

Kurdish government spokesman Safeen Dizayee quickly rejected Abadi's call.

"The Peshmerga will continue their advances and will not retreat from the areas they have recently liberated from the Islamic State in Mosul," Dizayee said.
The Kurds are the most competent force on the ground in Iraq at this time.  If the Iraqi army was capable of retaking Mosul without them, they would be doing it.  Whether they leave after defeating ISIL will be a matter for another day.


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