Brit spies and police uncover terror plot in time to stop it

Terror attack in Britain THWARTED in 'final hours' after GCHQ spies hack phones and emails

A TERROR attack on British soil was foiled in “its final few hours” after spies hacked phone calls and emails, a new report has revealed.

Spies sifted through the emails and phone calls of more than 1,600 different targets in the wake of the Paris terror attack last November in a bid to spot “further attack planning” across Europe.

This allowed GCHQ to “identify other extremists based in Syria and suspected of planning terrorist attacks against the West”.

The monitoring also helped an SAS rescue mission to recover Western hostages held by the Taliban in Afghanistan by going through communication data for details of the group.
I suspect it would be hard to do that in the US now because of the Snowden operation and the politicians who oppose "snooping" on potential terrorists.


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