Trump finally has a good week

Erick Erickson:
Trump and Mike Pence went to Louisiana. They looked like the Presidential team. Hillary Clinton was no where to be seen and the actual President was only seen on the golf course. The President of the United States was forced to play catch up to the Republican presidential ticket. That is no small thing, even with the media covering for the President. More surprising, Trump did not then step on himself thereby giving the media a reason to ignore that trip.

Then Trump gave a hard charging speech on race relations and hilarity ensued when CNN equated black voters with felons. Trump’s speech made the case for black voters voting for the GOP. He also denounced voting rights for felons. CNN equated the two with the headline: “Trump wants GOP to court black voters — then slams voting rights for felons.” The implication there is that CNN views felons and black voters as necessarily linked.

That headline went straight back to Trump’s point that Democrats and the media just take black voters for granted.
The Louisiana trip was one of his batter moves of the campaign, but the appeal to black voters really has the media and the Democrats in a panic.   It was one of his more coherent speeches he has made and the Democrats and their race hustler cohorts have been sputtering in spittle laced responses ever since.  They know they cannot win if even a small block of black voters desert them.


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