The utter failure of the Democrat urban establishment

John Kass:
What isn't discussed enough when riots happen and neighborhoods burn is the one thing most common to all these decaying urban tinderboxes.

They're run by Democrats.

Baltimore is a Democratic city, Milwaukee is a Democratic city, Chicago, Detroit, and on and on.

This is a most inconvenient truth. This is what binds them.

For decade after decade, Democrats have controlled policy and politics in the broken cities. This is the proof of Democratic success.

The broken schools have been run by Democrats for decades. The broken institutions are run by Democrats.

The political corruption in these cities is Democratic corruption, where government is the hammer used to beat others into forking over their cash.

The corruption tax presses down upon the economic wastelands, where there are no jobs to be had.

Urban school systems remain broken for students and families. Yet they feed the bureaucrats and the vendors who sell goods and services to education bureaucrats.

And the well-fed know what they're supposed to do on Election Day: Vote Democratic.

Big city school bureaucrats are political creatures, loyal to their sponsors in the statehouse or at your City Hall. The teachers unions, by definition, are about protecting their members. Everybody's covered but the desperate.

And the kids? They don't have a union. They can't vote. They don't write campaign checks to politicians.

Those who suffer the most from broken urban policy are those who are told that Democrats are the only ones who can protect them.
There is much more.

Democrats will attack the truth tellers and defend their turf and their serfs.  They are the new plantation owners who keep these people locked in poverty and despair.  Their policies have destroyed the black family and their schools have failed the students.  Their minimum wage increases mean fewer black young people have the opportunity to get experience in an entry level job that can put the on the road to something better.

You can bet the Democrat big city machine will fight fiercely to get Hillary Clinton in office in order to protect their turf and not the people who live lives of despair.


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