The 'Ready for Hillary' movement that wants to name women's prisons after her

Dan Spencer:

The secret group that recently erected a “Ready for Hillary” sign in front of North Carolina’s largest women’s prison is now advocating re-naming one of the most famous penal facilities in New York State after Hillary Clinton.

“The Suspect Hillary Clinton is still at large,” said the spokesperson for the group Justice for All, citizens outraged that Hillary Clinton got off scott free for her reckless endangerment of US national security when others guilty of far less have received prison sentences.

“We do not expect her to turn herself in with a plea bargain offer of admitting to any crime or crimes in exchange for less time in prison,” said the spokesperson. “Even if she said she would, everybody knows you can’t believe a thing she says. But we, like most Americans who still believe in equal justice under the law, think she still could – and should – be indicted as a result of either, or both, the pay-to-play scandal surrounding her and the Clinton Foundation or perjury during her testimony before Congress. And who knows what else she and her accomplice Wild Bill have done that has yet to come out?
There is much more.

This appears to be a tongue in cheek effort to call attention to alleged criminal activity on the part of the Democrat nominee.  It is worth reading in full.


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