US no longer willing to kill the enemy working for ISIL?

Daily Mail:
US Air Force bombs 238 ISIS oil trucks in Syria but is forced to defend tactic of dropping leaflets beforehand to warn civilians after claims that it tipped off jihadists

  • The leaflets urged citizens to get out of their trucks and 'run away'
  • US attack jets performed 'a show of force' buzzing the trucks at low level
  • Later, four A-10s and two AC-130 gun ships destroyed 238 ISIS trucks
  • The Pentagon said the warnings were issued as the drivers were not ISIS
One of the ways you deter the enemy and the people working for him is to kill those engaged in helping. m This looks like the liberal way of war where they see the trucks as the enemy and not the people driving them.   Does this explain why they do not take out ISIL fighters in their Toyota trucks as they drive into town?


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