The left's big lie about Islam and terrorism

Jonah Goldberg:
Why Does the Left Continue to Insist that Islamic Terrorism Has Nothing to Do with Islam?

... it is simply a lie — an obvious, glaring, indisputable, trout-in-the-milk lie — that Muslims have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism.
It is a long piece well worth reading in full as he deconstructs the lie and the attitude.  As I have noted before, they tell this lie because they fear that non radical Muslims do not have the mental capacity to distinguish between a war against radical Islam and a war against Islam.  They seem to think that Muslims are too stupid to tell the difference or that the rest of the country is too stupid to see the danger of that stupidity.


  1. A peaceful, tolerant Christian is a good Christian.

    A peaceful, tolerant Muslim is a good friend and neighbor, but a bad Muslim. At least as defined in the Koran, the Haditha, and over a thousand years of history.


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