Islamic state fighters are entering Europe unimpeded

Bill Gertz:
The Pentagon’s Joint Staff warned in a recent intelligence briefing that Islamic State terrorists are entering Europe “mostly unimpeded,” according to defense officials.

The briefing last week by the J-2, as the joint staff’s intelligence directorate is known, outlined both legal and illegal methods being used by terrorists to gain access to the continent.

The briefing included a title slide that read “ISIL traveling to Europe mostly unimpeded,” and warned that European security measures have minimally impeded the flow of terrorists. ISIL is an alternative name for the terrorist organization, which is also known as ISIS.

Additionally, the refugee flow from Syria to Europe is overwhelming counterterrorism efforts there, raising new fears that refugees from Syria being settled in the United States pose a security threat in this country.

“That ties directly to security efforts here,” said one official familiar with the briefing who spoke on condition of anonymity.
Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz (R., Texas) has introduced legislation that would bar any refugee from a country with territory controlled in substantial part by the Islamic State, al Qaeda, or other designated terrorists.
There is much more.

Nearly 900,000 migrants have reached Europe this year alone.  ISIL has stated its intent to use the migrants as cover for infiltrating terrorist into the West for terror attacks.  It would be smart to take them at their word and stop the flow now.


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