Predicting another failed climate change conference

Charles Moore:
The end is nigh for climate-change activists

Many formerly backward countries will not sacrifice their new-found prosperity on the altar of eco-virtue

The reason that there will not be a legally binding agreement (or at least not a genuinely enforceable one) is the growth of something which the Left has always called for, but doesn’t quite like when it gets it – the power of the developing world. India, for example, sees it as “carbon imperialism” for the West to deny it the fossil-fuelled industrialisation which gave us a more than 100 years’ start on the rest of the world. A great many formerly backward countries are at last getting rich and they will not sacrifice their new prosperity on the altar of eco-virtue. Nearly seven years ago, at COP 15 in Copenhagen, Barack Obama, bearing his Nobel Prize and at the height of his moral prestige, pleaded with them, to no avail. What will make them listen to him now, in the twilight of his presidency?
Only a minority of the world's population actually believes that "climate change" is a dangerous thing if they believe it is real at all.   Its true believers tend to see it as a vehicle for killing capitalism and think that is more important than the climate anyway.  If they get there way the world will be a much poorer place.


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