ISIL's strong arm extornion network rivals its black market oil business

NY Times:

Predatory Islamic State Wrings Money From Those It Rules

The earnings from the militants’ violent collection practices total tens of millions of dollars a month, approaching $1 billion a year, according to some
This is why it is going to take more than bombing raids to shut down their operations.  It will take troops to take away their control of real estate and the people within it to stop their funding.   The Washington Times reports:
“In the last eight months ISIS has managed to sell … $800 million dollars worth of oil on the black market of Turkey. This is Iraqi oil and Syrian oil, carried by trucks from Iraq, from Syria through the borders to Turkey and sold … [at] less than 50 percent of the international oil price,” Mowaffak al Rubaie said in an interview with RT.
The turks have been profiting from their double game.


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