Revolt against the evils of liberalism hits media and Hollywood

Washington Examiner:
More than six in 10 Americans believe that the news media, followed closely by Hollywood, has a negative effect on the country, according to a new survey.

An extensive new Pew Research Center survey finds that 65 percent believe that the news media "has a negative effect on the way things are going in the country." Some 56 percent said the entertainment industry has a negative effect.

For comparison, 51 percent believe that the Obama administration has a negative effect and 40 percent say labor unions do too.

But as bad as it is for the media, there are two groups that have an even worse rating in the Pew survey out Monday.

• 67 percent said the federal government has a negative effect on the U.S.

• 75 percent said Congress has a negative effect.

On the media, conservatives were the harshest with 82 percent grading the media poorly.
The frustration with Congress appears to be bipartisan and probably reflects the anger of both sides that their agenda is being blocked.   But I think the media and Hollywood are in the cross hairs because of their support of liberalism and Democrat polices.


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