Where is the scripture telling someone to commit a strong arm robbery?

NY Times:

A Teenager Grappling With Problems and Promise

In the weeks before he was shot, Michael Brown, 18, due to be buried on Monday, showed signs of change and began to speak about religion and the Bible, family members said.
There is visual evidence that Brown participated in a strong arm robbery and there is also allegations that he struck a police officer before being  gunned down.  The guy had marijuana in his system to go along with the Swisher Sweets taken from the convenience store.

His actions don't suggest he was taking religious principles to heart.  From the start of this mess the media has seemed intent on pushing the "gentle giant" narrative about a guy whose alleged actions suggest he was a bully and a thief.  The reason this is relevant is the "gentle giant" narrative has been used by the race hustlers to excite mob action and the destruction and theft of other people's property.  For the media to go along with a false narrative is irresponsible.


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