The see no evil left in the US

Matthew Clark:
Leftist university professor Michael Boyle of La Salle University took to the pages of the New York Times to condemn all of us who refer to ISIS as “evil” or a “cancer.”
And unsurprisingly, the New York Times happily printed the drivel, under the headline: “The Problem With ‘Evil.’”

The professor claims that such terminology is a “disturbing return of the moralistic language once used to describe Al Qaeda,” and using such language is a “moral hazard.”

Instead he refers to ISIS as “a successful insurgent group that wants a seat at that table.”

With complete moral clarity, I can say he’s wrong.

To reject value judgments – that a jihadist army that beheads journalists and is waging genocide against Christians is evil – is to ignore reality.

He states that we are turning this into a religious war by use of such terminology, that it somehow advances their cause by helping portray jihadists “as engaged in a war against the Christian West.”

But they are. No one accused ISIS of genocide before they started indiscriminately slaughtering Christians after first demanding they “convert or die.”

To bury our heads in the sand and ignore the aim of our enemy is to ignore reality. How can you defeat an enemy if you refuse to recognize its aims, if you ignore and snobbishly deny its atrocities?

ISIS doesn’t want a “seat at th[e] table.” It wants to dominate the table. ISIS, by its own words and actions, is establishing a radical Islamic Caliphate.

It wants Christians and Jews eradicated. It beheads children. It sells women as sex slaves.

If that’s not “evil,” then there is no evil.
ISIL would cut of Boyle's head along with the heads of the rest of his family if they could and he does not think that is evil?  That group does not want to negotiate with anyone at any table.  It wants the whole world to accept the weird religious views of the group or be pushed into a mass grave or have their heads severed from their body.   The willful blindness of the see no evil left is sometimes stunning.


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