IRS and DOJ deceit on the missing emails

Washington Examiner Editorial:
Why did the government wait until now to disclose doomsday email backup?
According to Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton, the government is now claiming that it would be “onerous” to retrieve Lerner's emails from the backup system. If these emails do in fact still exist, then the public has every right to be outraged by the runaround the IRS has engaged in with stories of “scratched” hard drives and irretrievable emails. It is obviously worth the effort to find out whether federal executive power has been marshaled to obstruct people or party of one particular persuasion in the service of a people or a party of the opposite persuasion. Is there any abuse of power more obvious and wrong than that, or one more worth the onerous obligation of rooting out?
I don't think it should be all that onerous.  Even if it is a large data base, it should be searchable using algorithms  like those used by Google to search even larger data storage areas.  Why even bother having the back up if it is not searchable?


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